Hurricane Irma Devastates Millions

Hurricane Irma hits Florida as a category 4 hurricane, devastating entire towns in the state of Florida. 

We will fight for anyone looking to get a FAIR settlement on their insurance claim.
— Claim Adjusters Group

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey. 

Hurricane Harvey caused absolute catastrophic damage to the state of Texas. As our condolences go out to the affected area's, we'd like to offer our professional experience free of charge to anyone who would like us to take a look at their claim to see if we could help them in any way of generating a higher return from the insurance company.

We do not get paid unless we can help you recover additional funds that were not originally offered from the insurance company. 

Don't let the insurance companies bully you, we can help. Call CAG today or fill our form out for free, and a licensed PA will be in touch soon.